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Doug Ford Ditches The 'Sheep Dog' Mullet In Long-Awaited Haircut

The premier said he would wait until every Ontarian could get a haircut before he visited a barbershop for his own trim.
Doug Ford got his hair cut at Mastronardi Barbering in Leamington, Ont.
Doug Ford got his hair cut at Mastronardi Barbering in Leamington, Ont.

Doug Ford is no longer sporting the pandemic mullet that he once said made him look like a “sheep dog.”

Ontario’s Premier visited Mastronardi Barbering in Leamington, Ont., Thursday morning to get his long-awaited trim.

Ford previously said he wouldn’t cut his hair until every region in the province had entered Stage 2 of reopening in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the middle of May, responding to a question from a reporter about personal services reopening, he joked he should go to a dog groomer to get a trim.

In a video posted to Twitter, Ford introduced barber Henry Mastronardi, who has worked in Leamington for 56 years, calling him an “incredible person.”

“[He] came here from Italy with nothing, started a great business, and I’m just so happy to be here with the people of Leamington and Kingsville, they’re just down to earth people, I absolutely love them,” Ford said.

The pair appear to have chatted during the cut, with Ford sharing what he learned about his barber in a video debuting his new look.

“Henry, he’s the champ, he’s an absolute champion, true leader, he tells me he has three beautiful girls and seven great grandchildren,” Ford, who has four daughters, said. “What more can you ask for? What an incredible man.”

Before the cut, Mastronardi told CTV Windsor it was exciting to have the chance to cut the premier’s hair. He said he wasn’t nervous about it, and didn’t have any advance details about what cut Ford would request. “It really fulfills my heart,” he said.

Ivana Yelich, Ford’s director of communications and press secretary, told HuffPost she believes the premier asked for a “number four” haircut.

Some people on social media took issue with the focus on Ford’s haircut while other aspects of the province’s reopening are unclear.

Windsor-Essex was the last region in the province to fully enter Stage 2, with Leamington and Kingsville the last two communities to reopen, because of COVID-19 outbreaks among migrant workers on farms in the region.

Ford did his daily press conference from Craven Farms in Chatham, praising the work of Ontario farmers during the pandemic.

After the premier announced that he would get his hair cut in Windsor-Essex, his office was flooded with emails from local barbershops and hair salons, Yelich said.

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