10/16/2019 19:17 EDT | Updated 10/16/2019 20:22 EDT

Doug Ford On Justin Trudeau's Attacks: 'I Think The Guy Loves Me'

The Ontario premier was asked about the federal Liberal’s criticism during an announcement in Kenora, Ont.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has a theory as to why Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau keeps uttering his name.

“I think the guy loves me or something, ’cause he constantly mentions my name,” Ford said Wednesday during an infrastructure announcement in Kenora, Ont. 

“When it comes to Justin Trudeau, he has a race to run.”

The premier maintained that he doesn’t want to get involved in the imminent federal election.

“I told [Conservative Leader] Andrew Scheer right from the get-go, I’m not getting involved. We’re busy. We inherited a financial disaster here in Ontario. It’s all hands on deck.”

Premier of Ontario/YouTube
Ontario Premier Doug Ford takes questions after an announcement in Kenora, Ont. on Oct. 16, 2019.

Ford said he’d focus on supporting people in Ontario who “work their backs off” running businesses.

Trudeau has continued to evoke Ford’s name after being called out for it by Scheer during the English-language leaders debate on Oct. 7. 

“You seem to be oddly obsessed with provincial politics,” the federal Conservative leader said. “There is a vacancy for the Ontario Liberal leadership and if you’re so focused on provincial politics, go and run for the leadership of that party.”


This week, Trudeau continued to put the heat on Ford. 

He said in Montreal Wednesday that Quebecers should vote for his party so they elect someone who will stand up to Conservative premiers like Ford and Alberta’s Jason Kenney. 

Quebec voters are fundamentally opposed to those premiers on issues like climate change, poverty and gun control, Trudeau said. 

“We need Quebecers to stand strong against those voices across the country and around the world that don’t understand how to build a better future.”

Ford was pressed on the issue a second time Wednesday when a reporter asked about the Liberals’ stance on Ontario transit projects.

“I know you wanna see me scrap it out with the feds,” he said. “I’m just not doing it.”

The premier was in Kenora with Minister Greg Rickford to announce $5.3 million for road repairs in the north.

Ford said he’s “obsessed” with potholes.

“Nothing is more frustrating than potholes.”

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