Zero-Waste Gift Wrap Ideas That Will Keep Wrapping Paper Out Of Landfills

A little goes a long way.

The season of giving is upon us, but how do we navigate giving Christmas gifts without contributing to the environmental impact of wasteful, conventional gift wrap?

We’ve got some eco-friendly ideas to keep the garbage at a minimum (sorry, shimmery tinsel — this just isn’t your year), while still being thoughtful and festive.

Check out our roundup below for zero-waste gift wrap options to elevate your gift-giving to a whole new level.

Stasher Bags

While these eco-friendly reusable bags are a little on the pricey side (a 450 ml bag on sells for $14.99), they’re well worth the investment based on versatility alone (you can cook in them, refrigerate and wash them, as well as stash makeup or travel products on the go).

We love the variety in colours and styles to showcase a peek-a-boo treat for your special someone.

Fabric Scraps

If you enjoy sewing you likely have fabric scraps lying around (and if not you can easily purchase fabric online).

Finish the fabric’s raw edges with pinking shears and wrap it around your gift, sealing with a ribbon, or a piece of sparkly wool. The best part? Your gift wrap can be re-gifted, delighting many more recipients to come.


We’re big fans of multi-purpose items, and scarves as gift wrap work similarly to fabric scraps (seal with a ribbon or thicker strands of wool) with the additional perk of the packaging being wearable.

Try this trick with lightweight hand towels too, and gift a 2-in-1 treat, sure to surprise and delight.

Fabric Bags

Give the gift of a reusable tote stuffed with your favourite goodies and rest easy knowing there’s zero waste.

In a DIY mood? Customize your own fabric bag with paints, stick-on jewels, or iron-on decals and make decorating the gift wrap part of the holiday fun. Even better, pick up some cute holiday fabric and sew one yourself!

Mason Jars

Mason jars are wonderful everyday items because they can be repurposed for so many uses.

We love filling them with all sorts of treasures, from make-your-own cookie kits, to homemade granola, handmade soap, or even a DIY night light (fill with twinkle lights with a battery pack).

Mason jars are available at most hardware, bulk, and homeware stores.

Wooden Boxes

There’s something nostalgic about wooden boxes that hold our special memories — why not make the box itself part of your gift this year?

HomeSense often has hand-carved boxes, or if you are trying to be more eco-conscious about gifting, try a vintage shop or thrift store for a preloved version.

Fill the box with something thoughtful — concert tickets, a bottle of their favourite wine, a gallery membership, or a favourite poem that’s sure to leave a lasting impact.

Reusable Tins

We love pretty storage options and cute reusable tins epitomize the gift that keeps on giving.

Find them at your local bulk or craft store (or reuse a cookie tin for an even more eco-friendly option), and fill them with home-baked goods, handmade bath salts, or a personalized collections of teas.

Try a small spice tin to give a miniature gift like earrings or a cute pin.

Craft Paper

A roll of craft paper has multiple uses (particularly if you have kids), and we love it as an eco-friendly gift wrap that’s easy on the planet (it’s often recycled and recyclable/biodegradable) and our wallets — a 100-foot roll on Amazon is $34.99.

Wrap and tape as you would conventional paper, and decorate with string, twine, or seasonal greenery for a stylish and conscientious way to present your gift.

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