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May Slams ‘Desperate’ NDP, Accuses Singh Of Spreading Misinformation

She says she's "losing respect" for the leader of the New Democrats.

VICTORIA — Green Leader Elizabeth May says she’s losing patience with NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, accusing him of spreading false information about the Greens.

May made the comments at a news conference in Victoria after announcing her party’s plans to reform seniors’ policy.

The Green leader says Singh falsely states her party is wobbly on abortion rights, weak on national unity and prepared to prop up a possible minority Conservative government. 

“I can see the NDP is feeling a bit desperate, but it’s not honourable,” May said Thursday. “I’m losing respect for Mr. Singh because this is a campaign based on whipping up a non-issue and it’s lamentable. We have real issues to discuss.”

May says the Greens support a woman’s right to choose, are steadfast in their support for a united Canada, and that the party does not rule out talking to other parties in a minority parliament, even though Green and Conservative policies diverge on many issues.

May says her New Democrat opponent appears focused on attacking her party at every opportunity to try and make the link for voters that a vote for the Greens effectively supports Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives.

The Greens decided not to run a candidate in a byelection Singh won earlier this year in the riding of Burnaby South as a show of courtesy, without which May says Singh would have a harder earning a seat in the House of Commons.

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Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh have not been seeing eye-to-eye during the 2019 federal election campaign.

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This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 3, 2019.

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