04/15/2020 11:10 EDT | Updated 04/15/2020 11:10 EDT

Elizabeth Warren Backs Joe Biden For U.S. President

The endorsement comes after Sanders and Obama did the same.

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday endorsed presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, the last of his major rivals in the Democratic primary to do so.

In a video posted to Twitter, the Democrat from Massachusetts called Biden a “selfless public servant” who will lead “a government that works for the American people.”

“He is committed to the fight for social, racial and economic justice,” Warren said. “Now it’s up to all of us to help make Joe Biden the next president of the United States.”

Warren held out throwing her support behind Biden even after fellow progressive U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont endorsed him earlier this week.

Sanders made the surprise endorsement Monday during a livestream event with the former U.S. vice-president, saying that it was vital to put aside policy and ideological differences and come together in a time of crisis.

In an interview Tuesday with The Associated Press, Sanders said it would be “irresponsible” for his followers not to support Biden. He warned that progressives who “sit on their hands” in the months ahead would help Trump’s re-election. 

After exiting the race in early March, Warren notably did not endorse either Biden or Sanders.

Her endorsement now, along with Sanders’, marks another opportunity for Biden to bridge fissures in the Democratic Party and win over the support of progressives.

Many progressives have felt Biden hasn’t done enough to move in their direction — for example, by potentially demonstrating a willingness to consider their policy positions.

“The whole process of coming together should be uncomfortable for everyone involved — that’s how you know it’s working,” U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who represents New York, told The New York Times. “And if Biden is only doing things he’s comfortable with, then it’s not enough.”

Alice Keeney/Bloomberg via Getty Images
From left to right, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and former U.S. vice-president Joe Biden stand on stage for a Democratic debate in Charleston, S.C., on Feb. 25, 2020.