Kate's 6'1" Height Is Constantly Commented On. Here's How She Embraced It.

Our new series explores how to love the essential parts of ourselves.

As a teenager, Kate Robertson didn’t want to be seen or talked about. Accomplishing that was easier said than done, especially since she was “hovering over everyone else.”

Robertson, who is 6’1″ and now 37, says the body-positivity movement on social media played a crucial role in her self-acceptance. And so did time.

“As you get older, most of us get more confident,” Robertson said. Meeting other tall women at university helped, too.

In our new video series, “Embracing,” we talk to Canadians who are learning to love themselves fully. They’ve learned to accept and celebrate qualities they once perceived as flaws, and they’re ready to share advice for others who are struggling with essential parts of themselves.

Watch the video above to learn more about how Robertson embraced her height.