Kid Shows Off Amazing Jingle-Dress Dance Moves At 2-Spirit Powwow

He won the competition ... and hearts everywhere.

A seven-year-old captured hearts at a two-spirit powwow in Duck Lake, Sask. this month.

Alex Cameron Jr. won a contest after doing a jingle dress dance, which is usually performed by girls and women. Metal cones on the dress jangle and make noise as the dancer moves.

Alex’s mom, Cheyenne Gamble, said her son has had interests traditionally associated with girls since he was a toddler. He’s “obsessed with makeup, women’s clothes, purses and nail polish,” Gamble told HuffPost Canada.

Alex taught himself to dance using YouTube.

“He would dance so hard and I knew he was good at it,” Gamble said. “When we had family over we’d show them and they would be amazed at how he knew every step.”

Alex Cameron Jr., 7, performs&nbsp;at a two-spirit <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">powwow</a> in Duck Lake, Sask. in June.
Alex Cameron Jr., 7, performs at a two-spirit powwow in Duck Lake, Sask. in June.

The powwow was run by Beardy’s and Okemasis Cree Nation as part of a larger Pride celebration. Gamble says Alex recently came out to her.

“He told me he wants a husband when he grows up. I said, ‘sure, my baby whatever you prefer, I’ll be happy for you and support you either way,’” Gamble said.

“Seeing him win was so emotional. I was so proud,” Gamble adds. “He didn’t dance to win. He danced for himself and to be himself. I could not stop crying the whole time.”