02/09/2018 13:04 EST

Fans Are Freaking Out About All The K-Pop At The Olympic Opening Ceremony

Team USA even marched in to “Gangnam Style.”

The 2018 Winter Olympics has kicked off with a (Big) Bang! 

The opening ceremony, which took place Friday in Pyeongchang, South Korea, featured several songs from notable K-pop artists as teams circled the stadium.

Olympians were greeted with the sounds of BTS’ “DNA (Remix),” Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby,” and Twice’s “Likey,” among others. Even Team USA arrived at the ceremony to Psy’s iconic 2012 hit “Gangnam Style.” 

And of course, K-pop Twitter was LIT. 

Seriously, though, with fire songs like “DNA” playing on an international stage, who could blame them for being so pumped? 

The ceremony actually included songs from throughout Korean history going back to the 1950s. The parade of Olympians started off with “Hand In Hand” by Koreana, which was the official theme song from the Seoul Olympics back in 1988. The North and South Korean teams concluded the parade, marching under one flag to folk song “Arirang.” K-pop band EXO will be performing at the closing ceremony on Feb. 25. 

The opening event, which promoted peace and harmony, was chock full of other awe-inspiring elements as well, including fireworks, dancers performing a segment titled “The Land of Peace,” and stunning light installations. At one point, more than 1,200 drones lit up the sky to depict athletes in action.

It sounds like the Olympics are off to a great start.