12/01/2017 21:42 EST

Carl Bernstein: It's Family vs. Family In Flynn, Trump Showdown

With Jared Kushner in the hot seat, Ivanka has pleaded for her father's help, the Watergate reporter says.

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller in part to shield his son from possible prosecution — and now President Donald Trump’s family is on the line, former Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein warned Friday.

It’s “very much about the Trump family,” Bernstein told CNN amid speculation that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and even his oldest son Donald Jr. could be next in Mueller’s sights

“This means that Jared Kushner is at the center of what Mueller is looking at,” the former Washington Post reporter said. “There’s no getting around that. ... Trump has known for a while that his family is under investigation,” including his son. “I’m told by people in the White House where Jared Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump, went to her father and pleaded with him to do something because of these investigation closing in in a family way.”

Regardless of what happens next, Berstein said, “none of this is fake news. We can put away the fake news charge once and for all.” 

Check out Bernstein’s comments in the clip above.