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Canada's Funniest Place Names

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Guillermo Rodriguez of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in Dildo, N.L.
Guillermo Rodriguez of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in Dildo, N.L.

American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s quest to become mayor of the memorably-named town of Dildo is drawing unprecedented attention to the small Newfoundland hamlet. But we can’t let Dildo have all the fun!

It’s definitely not the only place in Canada with an unintentionally funny name — it’s not even the only hilariously named place in Newfoundland.

Here are some of the other Canadian places Kimmel and his ilk might be interested to visit.

Blow Me Down Provincial Park, N.L.

How and why? No idea, but it really does look beautiful.

Spread Eagle, N.L.

Conveniently located just a 20-minute drive from Dildo!

Come By Chance, N.L.

This town was initially referred to as “Comby Chance,” but the name changed colloquially to the more whimsical (and hilarious) name it has now.

Fun fact: there’s also a Come By Chance in Australia.

Balls Creek, N.S.

When British office and Canadian politician Ingram Ball gave his name to several of the areas on Cape Breton Island, he probably didn’t know how funny it would be a couple centuries later.

Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, home to the iconic Balls Creek.
Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, home to the iconic Balls Creek.

Saint-Louis-du-Ha!-Ha!, Quebec

There are several possible reasons for the town’s name, as detailed on its website. It could also be a garbled version of the Huron word “ahaha,” which means road. It may be a variation on a surprised noise explorers made when they were surprised to see the lake: “Ah! Ah!” Or it could come from an archaic French expression meaning an unexpected obstacle.

Where the exclamation marks came from we can’t be sure, but it’s the only place in the world with two exclamation marks in its name, a fact that’s won the town a Guinness World Record.

Emo, Ont.

The town that shares a name with everyone’s favourite teenage “rebellious” phase is a small rural township near the U.S. border. It’s known for the not-particularly-emo activities like fishing, hunting and stock car racing.

Crotch Lake, Ont.

According to a website about the region’s campgrounds “Crotch is one of the largest and most accessible” of the lakes in the area, and is mostly undisturbed. A person must first request access before they can proceed into Crotch.

Finger, Man.

Finger is a very small community. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of available information about why it’s called “Finger,” but if you have that info, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Eyebrow, Sask.

The village is named after an eyebrow-shaped hill called, appropriately enough, Eyebrow Hill. What exactly does an eyebrow-shaped hill look like, you ask? It’s hard to know, because as it turns out, “eyebrow hill” is an incredibly unhelpful term to Google.

Elbow, Sask.

No, it’s not named after an elbow-shaped hill — it’s named after its location at the elbow of Lake Diefenbaker.

Climax, Sask.

The incredibly named Climax, Sask. got its name from the Minnesota hometown of some of the people who settled in Saskatchewan in the early 20th century. (Climax, Minn. was apparently named after a chewing tobacco company.)

Last year, Climax was honoured by internet porn giant Pornhub, which offered all of the town’s residents a free lifetime membership to their premium streaming service. A Pornhub staffer told CBC News that “a name is worth celebrating, rather than subject to incessant ridicule.”

(Bonus: One HuffPost staffer who used to work in the Prairies was very pleased to once be able to sign off a broadcast with the words, “reporting from near Climax, Saskatchewan.”)

Watch: Climax, Sask. capitalizes on its name in cheeky campaign. Story continues after video:

Stoner, B.C.

Another very small town with a tiny population, this one located just south of Prince George. As Vancouver rents reach astronomical prices, maybe B.C. residents should consider making Stoner their home base.

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