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Toddler Sneaking Snacks Pretending To Be Asleep Fools No One In Adorable Clip

The ending is priceless.

There’s no shortage of kids being hilarious and cute on Beyoncé’s internet, but we’re pretty sure this one-year-old’s antics qualify for platinum status.

A clip of Amala sneaking a snack is going viral, because the kid thought it would be a great idea to pretend she was asleep when caught in the act. The kid logic of “if you can’t see someone, they stop seeing you” is flawless, right?

“Amala, put it back! You hear me,” her grandma Chris J. Vaughn warns offscreen. Amala keeps her eyes shut as the family’s pet looks on, rapt, as the scene unfolds. The young actress-in-the-making stays still and pretends to sleep, as her grandma continues: “Open your eyes and put the snacks back, I don’t care if your eyes are closed. Put the snacks back in the cabinet.”

In spite of Vaughn’s words, Amala gives an award-winning performance of being fast asleep (while standing up and staying suspiciously still).

“Oh you asleep?” her grandma jokes.

At that, Amala opens her eyes, before giving Vaughn the world’s cheekiest smile. Who among us hasn’t pretended to be asleep to get out of an obligation or trouble? Hopefully she uses her Oscar-worthy skills for good once she gets older.

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