07/31/2020 19:43 EDT

Woman Arouses The Internet By Accidentally Buying Phallic Cutting Board

Georgia Rodgers said she "couldn’t believe a marble cutting board looked like a penis."

Georgia Rodgers
Georgia Rodgers' cutting board went viral when her friend posted a photo of its unique pattern.

As kitchen aids go, cutting boards aren’t exactly cutting edge.

But an Arkansas woman recently bought one that is arousing the interest of the internet thanks to an unusual phallic pattern in the marble.

Georgia Rodgers, 21, made the purchase a few weeks ago because she needed new kitchen supplies for her return to school at Ouachita Baptist University this fall.

“My mom knows all about kitchen stuff and knows what I like,” Rodgers told HuffPost. “I told her I wanted a marble cutting board that was white and black, and she ordered it on Amazon.”

While Rodgers is currently spending the summer in New York, the packages with her kitchen items were sent to her home in Little Rock.

“My mom opened the packages and called me, saying the board didn’t ‘look right,’ and then she asked if I wanted to see,” Rodgers said.

She wasn’t prepared for the photo that her mom sent a short time later.

“My friend and I couldn’t believe a marble cutting board looked like a penis,” Rodgers said.

Her cocky cutting board went viral after her friend tweeted a picture of it.

“I’m actually getting offers from people who want to buy it,” Rodgers said, adding that she has no plans to sell.

But while she declines to let the penis-patterned board go, Rodgers would like to know more about how it came to be.

“I don’t know how accidental it was, but I’d like to know if it was done on purpose,” she said. 

Georgia Rodgers
Rodgers plans to keep her new cutting board.