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Gift Wrap ASMR Shows How Satisfying Making Christmas Presents Can Be

Snipping scissors and perfect creases = head tingles galore.

Sure, there are gift wrapping life hacks that take seconds to do, but let’s be real: For truly exceptional gifts, you don’t want to cut corners and give something sloppy to your recipient. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone tear into a well-made package.

On the flip side, gift wrapping itself can be a delight for the giver, too. Folding perfect creases and cutting paper with surgical precision, all the while knowing that your efforts are scientifically proven to make your recipient happier? Sensory heaven for keeners, right there. Watch the ASMR-style video above to see just how pleasing it can be to wrap presents like a professional.

Good Housekeeping’s Tessa Donolli is the outlet’s master crafter, with wrapping presents just one of her many talents. Donolli recommended making sure you’re using the right tools for the job; sharp scissors and double-sided tape mean you’re less likely to deal with uneven chops or imprecise sticking.

When it comes to the paper itself, however, there’s no need to get fancy. In fact, the eco-conscious might find traditional gift wrapping paper passé — advocacy group Zero Waste Canada estimates Canadians use 545,000 tonnes of wrapping paper annually, or the weight of 100,000 elephants. Using your newly acquired craft skills on yesterday’s news can elevate the package and be kind to the environment.

If you’re worried your skills aren’t up to the task, fear not: some retailers will wrap your curbside or online orders if you request the service upon check-out.

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But don’t throw in the towel too early! We’re sure after a couple attempts (and plenty of head-tingling views of Donolli’s handiwork), you’ll be a wrap star in no time.

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