10/12/2017 13:27 EDT | Updated 11/14/2017 18:25 EST

15 Gifts For Wine Lovers That Aren't Monogrammed Wine Glasses

"Keep your friends close, and your wine glass closer" 🍷

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that wine makes everything better.

Impress your vino-loving friends with gifts that are sure to set their wine-drenched hearts aflutter, from the practical, like wine wipes, to the eccentric, like wine sippers. Here are 15 gifts perfect for wine lovers, because it’s wine o’clock somewhere.   

  • 1 Wine Wipes
    For the person who always has a port stained pout. Get it on Amazon.
  • 2 A Sign That Tells Their Entire Life Story
    Get this print at Ahalife.
  • 3 Wine Rack
    This affordable wine rack holds 12 bottles; perfect for the wineo who has little room to store their prized jewels. Get it at Ahalife.
  • 4 Wine Lover Shirt
    This classy yet entirely accurate t-shirt will become a new staple in your wardrobe. Get it on Etsy.
  • 5 Wine Sippers
    These wine sippers make for a great gag gift, but are also practical for those looking to avoid stained teeth. Get it at Houzz.
  • 6 Eco Wine Tote
    For the wine connoisseur who cares about giving back. Get it at Ahalife.
  • 7 Wine Freeze Cooling Cups
    May your glass of white never go warm again. Get these cups at Houzz.
  • 8 Wine Lip Scrub
    Give your pout the exfoliating boost it deserves while indulging your love of wine. Get it on Etsy.
  • 9 Work/Wine Doormat
    Make a bold statement when you're coming and going. Get this doormat on Etsy.
  • 10 Monthly Wine Delivery Service
    Blue Apron
    Blue Apron has a great wine delivery subscription service that averages about $10 a bottle. 
  • 11 Wine Decanter
    This decanter doesn't just hold wine, but oxygenates it through small holes in the integrated funnel. Get it at Ahalife.
  • 12 Anniversary Wine Box
    This makes a perfect gift for a recently married couple who wants to celebrate each of their upcoming celebrations with a nice glass of red. Get it at Nordstrom.
  • 13 Wine Sign
    This rustic sign will complement any at-home bar or kitchen space. Get it on Etsy.
  • 14 Bordeaux Swell Bottle
    Save water and drink wine with this insulated Swell bottle. Get it at Nordstorm.
  • 15 Coasters
    Get them these coasters as a daily reminder that wine is always a good idea. Get them at Nordstrom.

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