02/05/2018 06:58 EST | Updated 02/05/2018 08:18 EST

Gisele Bündchen Has A Word With Eagles Players After Super Bowl

The supermodel wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady encountered victorious Philadelphia players in a stadium hallway.

Now that’s model sportsmanship.

A humbling Super Bowl defeat like the one the New England Patriots suffered against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday could stir some hard feelings, even among the players’ families.

But Gisele Bündchen, the supermodel wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, kept it classy.

She congratulated every Eagles player she encountered as she departed U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis through a back walkway, Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel reported.

She cheered and enjoyed a beverage during the game ...

And strolled happily through the stadium beforehand:

USA Today Sports / Reuters
Gisele Bundchen walks through U.S. Bank Stadium before the Super Bowl on Sunday.

And it seemed she did the right thing on her way out.

Bündchen has had the privilege of being on the winning side, too.

Bob Levey via Getty Images
Gisele Bundchen celebrates with husband Tom Brady after the New England Patriots' victory in the 2017 Super Bowl

But she showed on Sunday that she can handle defeat graciously as well.

She sent out a public congrats on Monday as well. 

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Way to walk the walk. 

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