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General Motors Shows Off Plans For Flying Car

We're one step closer to living like "The Jetsons."

When someone calls something “the Cadillac of” whatever category it falls under, they’re dubbing it the best of the best. We might need to change our phrasing, as even the Cadillac can be upgraded: General Motors revved up interest for a flying Cadillac on Wednesday, during a keynote at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Watch the video above to see the flying car pilot itself.

While technically just a 3D rendering of the sci-fi-worthy project, the aerial vehicle stole the show when its sleek designs came onscreen during the company’s keynote at the virtual event, with Michael Simcoe, General Motors vice-president of global design, calling it their “vision of the future of transportation.”

It’s classified more accurately as a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone — it’s not technically a car, because it doesn’t drive on the road. And no one will be sitting in its driver’s seat anytime soon: The flying car is only a design concept for now. But the company states that when this vehicle does eventually take to the air, it will be electric-powered and go as fast as 56 miles (or roughly 90 kilometres) per hour.

Along with the drone presentation was a preview for a slightly more realistic vehicle: The Halo autonomous pod. This vehicle doesn’t work in the sky, but it can drive itself and is structured as an egg-like living room. While it looks cool and all, blame it on “The Jetsons,” but we won’t be satisfied until we get a firm launch date for our actual flying car.

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