06/22/2017 14:09 EDT | Updated 06/22/2017 15:21 EDT

Google Maps Now Shows Indigenous Lands Across Canada

Indigenous people across the country can find their homes.

WATERLOO, Ont. — Google has mapped thousands of indigenous lands in Canada.

Google Canada employee Tara Rush says the company has been conducting mapping workshops with indigenous communities since 2014.

She says Google employees were asked why the lands weren't on Google Maps, so they decided to change that.

Rush says over 3,000 indigenous lands, reserves and territories have been added to Google Maps and Google Earth.

Google Maps

Akwesasne Reserve No. 15 in Quebec. (Credit: Google Maps)

She says it's an important step in accurately reflecting Canada to Canadians and the world.

Rush says the goal is to enhance cultural preservation, digital awareness and land management.

"The hope is to use tools like Google Earth to preserve knowledge and to update Google Maps to reflect federally-recognized Canadian territories," said Rush, who works at Google in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont., and is from the Akwesasne territory.

Not all lands are reflected in the map. People from indigenous communities who want to either add theirs or contribute information about businesses or addresses can contact the Base Map Partner Program if they are part of a government or use the "Send Feedback" tool on Maps if they're an individual.

With a file from Emma Prestwich