08/02/2016 06:00 EDT

Why Gose Is The Only Beer You Should Be Drinking This Summer

Bottoms up!

Summer drinking is usually associated with super light lagers. They are refreshing, no doubt, but there’s one beer style that is even more thirst-quenching and suitable for this warm season ― with a much more interesting flavor, too. It’s a German beer style that dates back 1,000 years and it goes by the name of Gose. 

Gose ― pronounced like goes with an “uh” at the end ― is an ancient wheat beer style with a sour finish that hails from Goslar, Germany. Though it’s no longer brewed in Goslar, Gose owes its salty flavor to the high salinity of the river Gose, which was originally used to brew the beer.

There’s one more flavor note that makes this beer the choice for summer drinking: it’s coriander. Coriander is not a spice you often find in beer, but we have to tell you it is a good one. It adds a bright flavor to an already crisp beer that pairs together to make the perfect warm-weather drink.

Between the natural tanginess that results from this beer’s brewing process, the salt and the coriander, this beer has a fresh taste and mouth-puckering effect that is downright addictive. We’ve rounded up six of our favorites for you below ― in order of good to downright amazing ― to get you started on your Gose adventure.