10/31/2017 13:36 EDT | Updated 10/31/2017 13:38 EDT

Halifax Councillor Matt Whitman Apologizes For Saying 'Negro' In Interview

He said he never meant to insult, hurt, demean or disparage anyone.

Facebook/Matt Whitman

HALIFAX — A Halifax councillor is apologizing for a racially offensive word he used during a recent television interview, saying he's sorry if he offended anyone.

In an interview with a local TV station last week, Coun. Matt Whitman used the word "negro."

Whitman stood up at a council meeting Tuesday to apologize to councillors for any embarrassment his comments caused.

He says a social media exchange with a fellow councillor got out of hand, and he never meant to insult, hurt, demean or disparage anyone.

CTV Atlantic interviewed Whitman about an online spat he had with Coun. Shawn Cleary about whether the word "marijuana" is racist, and he said "Mexican" isn't a race, but "negro" is.

The municipality has received at least one official complaint, which Mayor Mike Savage says will be dealt with by council.

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