The Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Kids In 2019 Are Classics

Everything old is new again with all the remakes this year!
Pinterest's annual Halloween trends report revealed kids will be clamouring for these classic characters.
Pinterest's annual Halloween trends report revealed kids will be clamouring for these classic characters.

This year’s top Halloween costumes for kids might give you flashbacks to your own childhood.

Thanks to some very popular remakes of classics like “The Little Mermaid” and “Aladdin,” and the much-anticipated release of “Toy Story 4,” kids are already clamouring for costumes based on their favourite characters.

Some of the top searches so far include The Powerpuff Girls, Toy Story, Spider-Man, and Aladdin, Pinterest announced Monday in its annual Halloween trends report. Mermaids, Jedi (knights) and the Joker were also top picks.

For older kids, costumes from Netflix’s “Stranger Things” are also trending. And the top family costumes are based on the movies “The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” and “Toy Story 4.”

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So, now you know what to buy. But where can you get all these costumes in Canada?

Don’t worry, we did the searching for you. Behold, the most popular Halloween costumes and where to find them!

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Princess Jasmine costume

Searches for “Jasmine kids costume” are up 206 per cent, according to Pinterest.

There’s an assortment available on Amazon, including this one for $56.30.

Buzz Lightyear costume

Searches for this character from “Toy Story 4” are up 192 per cent, according to Pinterest.

You can grab one at Party City for $39.99.

3. Mermaid costume

Mermaids were the #6 most-popular costume search for kids who identify as female, according to Pinterest.

Get this mermaid costume at Walmart for $28.23.

Simba costume

With searches for “Lion King family costumes” up 283 per cent, grabbing a Simba costume is a good place to start.

Amazon has this one for $53.99 plus shipping.

Robin Scoops Ahoy costume

“Stranger Things” costumes are the #4 trending search, according to Pinterest.

Grab Robin’s Scoops Ahoy outfit at Party City for $39.99.

Spider-Man costume

Spider-Man is the #3 top trending search for those identifying as male, and “superhero” is the #1 search, so we’ll go ahead and say this costume is a pretty safe bet.

Grab this one at Walmart for $46.97.

Powerpuff Girls costume

Searches for this costume are up 379 per cent, making it the #1 trending costume for those who identify as girls (but anyone can be a Powerpuff Girl).

Get one for your wannabe Powerpuff Girl at Amazon for $30.80.

Jedi costume

Always a classic, Jedi costumes are the #5 most-searched costumes by those who identify as boys.

Get this one at Party City for $49.99.