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How To Make Your Christmas Tree Last For As Long As Possible

Keep those needles fresh, happy and green with these tips.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy ... wait a minute, where did all those needles go?

So you, like many, bought a Christmas tree early in the hopes of catching some extra holiday spirit because it’s been one helluva year, only to find all the needles on the floor after only a few days. What a motherf%ck$r!

Not to fret: There are a few simple ways to keep your Christmas tree fresh for weeks to come. The first step, which should be obvious to anyone who’s ever had the responsibility of taking care of plants, is to fill up the base with plenty of water, and keep it coming.

But there’s more to keeping trees fresh than just water, although that’s one of the most important steps.

Check out the video above by Cover Video to see all the easy ways to keep those needles on your Christmas tree.

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