11/13/2015 13:41 EST | Updated 01/06/2017 15:17 EST

Actor Billy Brown Breaks Down What It's Like Shooting Steamy Scenes With Viola Davis

The "How To Get Away With Murder" star says the scenes look a lot steamier on TV.

Actor Billy Brown shares some pretty steamy scenes with Emmy winner Viola Davis on the ABC hit "How To Get Away With Murder," but he says those hook-ups aren't nearly as hot while they're being filmed.

Brown, who plays detective Nate Lahey on the popular Shonda Rhimes show, talked with HuffPost Live on Thursday about Davis' amazing work ethic and what it's like shooting their most intimate scenes. After discussing kissing Davis on screen, Brown explained why the show's sexiest shots are decidedly unsexy for the actors involved.

"There are so many people on set, and there are so many stops and interruptions and breaks," he said. "Honestly, the littlest thing -- if this pillow is crinkled, our [director of photography] is going to notice, the director is going to notice, they're going to want to come in and have set direction change it or flip it over because it's a distraction, especially in a close up. So it's not even about the kissing."

And with a scene partner as stunning as Davis, can you blame him for being a little annoyed?

"They're micromanaging every move. All you want to do is make out with your co-star, and they're getting in the way of it," Brown said.

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with Billy Brown here.

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