Idris Elba (Correctly) Chooses St-Viateur Bagels While In Montreal

Can the sexiest man alive quell the bagel wars?

Idris Elba is making a strong case for a repeat performance as sexiest man alive by correctly (at least, in this author’s humble opinion) choosing to visit the better of Montreal’s two rival bagel shops this week.

It’s not entirely clear why the actor was in town, but he made a stop at the famous St-Viateur Bagel on Sunday, according to a photo the shop posted to Instagram.

There is, of course, a longstanding rivalry between St-Viateur and Fairmount Bagels, located just around the corner. That Elba opted for St-Viateur speaks volumes about his taste level.

Also, should you happen to stare at this photo for a long period of time, you may notice that he appears to be holding a cup from Cafe Olimpico, an excellent coffee shop just down the street from St-Viateur.

Maybe he has a good Montreal tour guide — perhaps his Canadian wife, Sabrina Dhowre? Or maybe he’s just naturally blessed with good judgment.

Other celebrity customers at St-Viateur have included Leonard Cohen, Céline Dion, Mordecai Richler, Harvey Keitel, Kelly Ripa, Adam Sandler and Anthony Bourdain.

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