10/27/2017 15:04 EDT

I'm Still Here Episode 2: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

What's happened in Ferguson since Mike Brown's death?

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Michael B Thomas for HuffPost

Mike Brown’s murder sparked a massive movement, but three years later, has anything actually changed for black people in Ferguson? Local activists grapple with the conundrum of their work: It’s deeply necessary but the consequences are harsh, sometimes deadly. Pushed out of jobs, arrested, dehumanized: this is what fighting a police state looks like.

HuffPost reporter Zeba Blay, also the host of this podcast, traveled to Missouri to talk to activists, like Brittany Ferrell and Cathy ‘Mama Cat’ Daniels, about doing the work and where we go from here. 

Inside The Episode
Mama Cat is one of the many people still doing the work post-Ferguson.
When we talk about telling stories, we must also talk about who they are for.
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The dehumanization of black people continues when our deaths go viral.

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Ferguson, Three Years Later