06/28/2017 13:35 EDT | Updated 07/03/2019 13:10 EDT

IMAX Theatres Began As An Experiment. Now There's Hundreds Of Them Around The World

Remember these names the next time you're watching an IMAX movie.

Your typical summer blockbuster is probably something out of Hollywood, but if you're watching it on IMAX, then you have Canadians to thank for all that big picture and sound.

Specifically these four fellas: Roman Kroitor, Graeme Ferguson, Bill Shaw, and Robert Kerr.

What started as their experiment 50 years ago has morphed into a global company synonymous around the world as a premium theatre experience.

Bloomberg via Getty Images
A box containing a 3D IMAX Corp. film is pictured in the projection booth at the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX theater in Chattanooga, Tennessee, U.S., on Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017.

Summer blockbusters just wouldn't be the same without IMAX.

As for how it all came together, check out the video above. And for more inventions you may not have realized were Canadian, check out the links below.

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