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All The Movies Coming To Netflix This Week (Sept. 22-28)

A sci-fi serial killer movie with Michael C. Hall joins the service.

Sabrina Lantos/Netflix
"In the Shadow of the Moon" with Michael C. Hall.

Netflix adds a few adrenaline-focused action movies this week.

On Sept. 27, the genre-bending “In the Shadow of the Moon” debuts. The movie experiments with the well-trodden storyline of city detectives who chase after a serial killer with seemingly superhuman powers. You can read more and watch the trailer below.

Two foreign action movies also join: the Vietnamese “Furie” on Sept. 25 and the Hong Kong-Chinese “The Grandmaster” on Sept. 26. Both earned decent reviews.

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Notable Movie


“In the Shadow of the Moon” (Netflix Film) ― Sept. 27

Sabrina Lantos/Netflix
"In the Shadow of the Moon" with Cleopatra Coleman.

Details: This is a sci-fi and serial killer/detective movie rolled into one. The plot follows a promotion-seeking Philadelphia police officer who begins a lifelong obsession with hunting a serial killer who returns every nine years. The investigation takes the officer down mysterious rabbit holes that defy logic.

Michael C. Hall stars along with Cleopatra Coleman, Boyd Holbrook and Bokeem Woodbine.

“In the Shadow of the Moon” runs 1 hour, 55 minutes.

Read on: In a review for Collider, Haleigh Foutch favorably compared the obsessions of the police officer protagonist, Locke, with the plot of David Fincher’s 2007 movie “Zodiac.” In a piece for io9, Germain Lussier also referred to “Zodiac,” calling this movie a cross between the Fincher movie and “The Terminator.” Here’s Foutch’s description:

The best hook is Locke’s descent into “Zodiac”-levels of obsessive investigation and the way his consistent choice to put work and his concept of justice before family leads to the death of his own happiness. His downward spiral bottoms out time after time, each new low a horrifying consequence of his own choices. It’s not subtle, but it’s effective.



The Full List of Movies Joining Netflix

Sept. 25

  • “Furie”

Sept. 26

  • “The Grandmaster”

Sept. 27

  • “In the Shadow of the Moon” (Netflix Film)