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Improve Your Day By Watching Jason Momoa Dance At Toronto's Cosmos Records

His energy is infectious.

Leave it to Jason Momoa to brighten up a gloomy November afternoon.

The “Game of Thrones” and “Aquaman” actor was spotted over the weekend having a great time at Cosmos Records, a tiny independent shop in downtown Toronto.

In a photo and video posted on the store’s Instagram, Momoa playfully dances around while holding up two records by blues singer Syl Johnson. His energy is infectious — it’s tough to watch him and not crack a smile.

He’s not wearing a mask in the video, but put a bandana over the lower part of his face for the photo. Cosmos is a very small store that may have had its door open, but — sorry to be pedantic — it’s still safest to wear a mask, even in indoor spaces that do let in lots of fresh air. (Also, bandanas don’t actually offer that much protectionthree-layer masks are your best bet.)

Momoa is in town shooting the second season of the Apple TV+ series “See,” which takes place after a virus has killed most of the Earth’s population. He’s been spotted all over Toronto: last month, he was eating at Ozzy’s Burgers in the historic, eclectic Kensington Market neighbourhood.

He also received a motorcycle from a Harley-Davidson dealer in Cambridge, Ont., which he’s been spotted using several times.

He’s been seen so many times that the people who haven’t spotted him are starting to feel left out.

If you’re a Torontonian who does spot Momoa, consider yourself lucky. And if you get the chance, suggest a three-layer mask, too.

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