09/13/2019 11:20 EDT | Updated 09/13/2019 16:46 EDT

Ontario Jaywalker Goes Headfirst Into Pole Right After Staring Down Car

That's gotta hurt.

Why did the jaywalker cross the road? To get hit with some karma on the other side. 

A new compilation clip posted on a YouTube channel dedicated to driver fails shows a number of hazards on the highways. But one moment getting attention on digg focuses not so much on a dreadful driver as a poor pedestrian. In this case, it’s a jaywalker who appears to glare at a stopped motorist as he crosses the road.

He made it to the other side safely, but encountered a problem on the sidewalk in this GIF-worthy moment: 

The footage was captured in Hamilton, Ont., where jaywalking has been flagged as an issue by local news station CHCH, as well as Reddit commenters.

Not all jaywalkers get off that easy, though. In 2018 in Vancouver, a pedestrian was hit by a bus (though not seriously injured) when she crossed in the middle of traffic.

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