Jerry O'Connell Forcing His Kids To Listen To Prince Is Every Dad

His kids don't seem to be as into "When Doves Cry" as he is.
Jerry O'Connell at an animal rescue benefit on Thursday.
Jerry O'Connell at an animal rescue benefit on Thursday.

In many ways, parenting is about passing on values and teaching kids about things that are meaningful to you.

Actor Jerry O’Connell is a stellar example of this acutely aware of this, according to a video he posted to Twitter this week.

Watch as he loudly and proudly sings along to Prince’s 1984 classic “When Doves Cry” — as his kids complain and ask to turn it down, a request he does not fulfill.

The video has strong dad energy, and it would be easy to substitute the Prince song for whatever music your parents bellowed in your ear was “REAL MUSIC.”

But O’Connell seems to be a Prince fan through and through, something you may have noticed from his Twitter avatar.

The lucky (or unlucky?) kids in the video are Dolly and Charlie, O’Connell’s 10-year-old twin daughters with wife Rebecca Romijn. She also seems to be a Prince fan, having recorded a cover of “Darling Nikki” for an ’80s tribute album.

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