07/03/2018 20:32 EDT | Updated 07/05/2018 08:17 EDT

J.K. Rowling Can't Stop Laughing At Trump's Boast About His Expert Writing Skills

The Harry Potter author poured it on thick after the president's tweet about his subtle genius included a typo.

J.K. Rowling had a good laugh on Tuesday when President Donald Trump tweeted about his expert writing skills. 

The president criticized the press for “pouring over” his tweets “looking for a mistake” even though he had written “many best selling books” and was proud of his writing skills. Besides the fact that Trump biographer Tim O’Brien quickly tweeted that the president did not write any of his books, Trump’s latest tweet included a glaring typo: pour instead of pore. 

Donald J. Trump/Twitter
A screenshot of Trump's tweet before the message was deleted and retweeted without the typo.

Rowling, the award-winning author of the seven-book Harry Potter series, seemed to enjoy the president’s take on his alleged writing prowess. 

Trump’s ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz, described the process of authoring Trump’s The Art of the Deal, revealing to The New Yorker that he wrote the whole book. The president pushed back against that claim, saying Schwartz was only a co-author.

The New Yorker quoted Howard Kaminsky, the former head of Random House, who said, “Trump didn’t write a postcard for us!”

Folks on Twitter, including the official account for Merriam-Webster dictionary, lampooned Trump for writing a message celebrating his writing skills that included a mistake. 

Soon after the initial tweet was sent, the message seemed to be deleted and replaced with a new one in which “pour” was replaced with “pore.” Rowling still found the incident hilarious.