Macy's Trolls Chrissy Teigen For 2014 Parade Diss As John Legend Performs On Float

"I cannot imagine being bored enough to watch a parade on television," Teigen once wrote.

Macy’s wants Chrissy Teigen to remember her past criticism of parades as her husband, John Legend, performed at its Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York this year.

Legend tweeted early Thursday morning that he soon would be part of the annual festivity. Macy’s social media team responded by quickly reminding him that Teigen once had some choice words about parades.

The company’s Twitter account shared a screenshot of the cookbook author and model writing in 2014 that she could not “imagine being bored enough to watch a parade on television.”

Macy’s Twitter account hilariously featured a side-by-side of Teigen’s diss tweet and Legend’s performance announcement.

Both Legend and Teigen responded to Macy’s tweet, acknowledging that it was on the mark.

Teigen, though, also insisted that she “still didn’t watch” the parade. “I’m sure ya did great kiddo,” she said of her husband.

Turns out she was kidding about her viewing habits. She later shared videos of her watching the parade ― and Legend, of course.

Nonetheless, she stood by her 2014 statement, tweeting that “parades are weird.

“I must have been killed by a float in a past life or something, I am very uncomfortable watching this,” she wrote.

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