09/23/2019 12:02 EDT | Updated 09/23/2019 15:44 EDT

Karen McCrimmon Calls Out Sign About Shooting Liberals: ‘Politics Should Be Civil’

The military veteran said "suggestions of violence" must be challenged.

A federal Liberal election candidate is calling attention to a shocking lawn sign in Ottawa as an example of intolerance in politics.

Karen McCrimmon and her campaign team were out canvassing in the riding of Kanata—Carleton on Sunday when they spotted the sign that reads, “We shoot every 3rd Liberal. 2nd one just left,” beside another sign that promoted her Conservative rival Justina McCaffrey. 

McCrimmon told HuffPost Canada it was the “harshest” sign she’s seen since entering politics.

“I must admit to struggling with this but I decided that by being silent, I would not do right by my team or by my beliefs that politics should be civil,” McCrimmon wrote on Twitter Monday when she shared photos of the sign. 

“When we see an example of intolerance or suggestions of violence, we must challenge them.”

McCrimmon, the incumbent, was first elected in 2015. The former lieutenant-colonel also connected the sign to her time serving with the Canadian Armed Forces. 

“I wore a flak jacket in Afghanistan to help secure the people there the right to vote,” she wrote. “Damned if I would allow this to pass unchallenged.”

Her team reported the sign to police Sunday.

McCrimmon was also concerned about members of her team who first spotted the sign. 

“Volunteers should not have to deal with this kind of intimidation, particularly young people who are getting involved with campaigns for the first time,” McCrimmon told HuffPost via email. 

“We need to restore a sense of civility to our politics. We may vote for different parties but we’re all neighbours.”

McCaffrey, the Conservative candidate, said on Twitter Monday that her staff would remove her campaign sign from that address. 

“Couldn’t agree more with you, Karen. Threats of political violence have no place in our democracy,” she wrote.

McCaffrey’s campaign office did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for further comment Monday.

This story has been updated with comment from Karen McCrimmon.

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