See The Family Pic Kim Kardashian Called ‘2020 As A Photo’

Even the Kardashians post relatable content every once in a while.

If there’s one thing Kim Kardashian is not known for, it’s her relatability. The woman who flew her family and friends to a private island so she “could pretend things were normal” during a global pandemic is not exactly the everywoman.

But every once in a while, even Kim K. experiences chaos, panic and disappointment like the rest of us. Exhibit A: the latest family pic she posted to Instagram, with the caption “2020 as a photo.”

It looks like she was trying to get a sweet black-and-white photo with some of the little ones in her family. Instead, daughter North looks angry, niece Penelope looks terrified, and Kim herself looks like she’s trying but failing to hold it all together.

According to recent episodes of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kim is finding quarantine parenting hard. That might elicit an eye roll from some of the non-millionaire parents struggling right now — but if someone with access to every possible resource finds it hard, that’s a pretty clear sign that the current situation is untenable for the average mom.

“I literally hear [daughter] Chicago crying in the other room, and I don’t care,” she told a friend on an episode that aired a few weeks ago, according to Us Weekly. “I literally am feeling like an awful mom just letting her cry in the other room and figuring it out. It’s just like, I can’t.”

Kardashians: very rarely, they really are just like us.