08/15/2017 17:19 EDT

15 Latinx-Owned Etsy Shops Everyone Should Support

What's better than shopping with purpose?

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What happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend was devastating, and left many of us feeling powerless in the face of such extreme hate. We’ve seen protests like this time and time again ― and history will continue to repeat itself if we don’t change our ways. But where do we start?

If the events in Charlottesville left you rattled with an overwhelming desire to get involved, paired with the daunting task of figuring out how to get involved, you’re not alone. It’s too easy to become immobilized by the vastness of our country’s problems. But, sometimes the simplest and most meaningful thing we can do is to just support our fellow neighbors who often feel marginalized during these moments of social unrest ― and that includes our Latinx brothers and sisters. 

There are so many amazing Etsy stores owned and run by Latinx entrepreneurs who are creating empowering products, from this Frida pin to this ‘Chingona’ necklace. In addition to black-owned Etsy shops we should all support, we’ve rounded up 15 Latinx-owned Etsy shops, too.

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  • 1 Very That
    Shop all things Chicana here.
  • 2 Luna Sangre
    Shop this "Don't Touch Me" pin and other handcrafted pieces here.
  • 3 Golden Ponies
    We're obsessed with these handmade booties from Mexico. Shop them here.
  • 4 Exposition Goods
    You already know how we feel about planters. Shop James Barela's modern ceramics here
  • 5 Latina Made Not Maid
    Join the movement and help end Latina stereotyping here.
  • 6 Mi Vida
    Mi Vida Shop lives and breathes Los Angeles culture. Shop them here.
  • 7 Sonia Lazo Illustrator
    Shop this 'Genderless' shirt and other individually illustrated pieces from Sonia here.
  • 8 Nalgona Positive Shop
    Shop all things body positivity and breaking the patriarchy here.
  • 9 Ross Miu
    Guys, a holographic pouch. Shop the rest of Rosa's handmade pieces here.
  • 10 Ay Mujer
    Add some flair to your next get-together with these popular Mexican paper-cut banners. Shop them here.
  • 11 bySanz
    This sister-run shop hailing from Venezuela specializes in a Japanese dye technique called Shibori. Although Liss and her sister live in different countries, their Etsy shop brings them closer than ever before. Shop their store here.
  • 12 The Future Is Latina
    Show them you're not afraid to be fierce with this 'Peligrosa' tote. Shop the rest of the store here.
  • 13 Lietofiore
    Shop this gorgeous line of bridal accessories here.
  • 14 Sol Del Sur
    Check out Soledad Proaño's stylized jewelry line with a multicultural twist here
  • 15 Paper Yarn Moon
    Diana's passion for art is evident through her custom designs and prints. Shop them here.

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