10/08/2019 14:42 EDT | Updated 11/01/2019 12:50 EDT

17 Places To Go If You're Looking For The Laziest Vacation Ever

Travel bloggers share their top recommendations for vacation spots that are super cozy and conducive to laziness.

I like lazy vacations and I cannot lie.

It’s a funny thing to say, at least right now, because I’m currently knee-deep in planning my itinerary for a Paris trip that’s already a little too jampacked. On weeknights, you’ll find me vigorously highlighting my Rick Steves guidebook and taking notes on local bistros from the Paris episodes of “The Mind of a Chef.”

But all of this planning has got me thinking back on one of my favorite vacations ― one that I hardly planned for: a low-key, leisurely weeklong trip to Portland, Oregon. 

“Portland,” the joke from “Portlandia” goes, is “where young people go to retire.” And so, for one whole week, I channeled my inner retiree, puttering around town, drinking sour beers (shoutout to Cascade Brewing), browsing comic book stores and brunching as much as humanly possible. 

It was, indeed, my laziest vacation. And maybe one of my best because of that. In the spirit of the lazy vacation, I reached out to travel bloggers and asked them to share vacation spots they love because the places are cozy, rank high on the hygge scale or are just generally conducive to laziness.

Below, see their chilled-out recs.

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