Lindsay Lohan Involves Maya Angelou In Feud With Jennifer Lawrence

Yes, you read that correctly.

You know if Maya Angelou were alive today, she'd be like, "Don't bring me into this mess, girl."

America's sweethearts of past and present -- Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Lawrence -- traded barbs after "The Hunger Games" star mentioned Lohan's troubled past on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Monday. Describing the toll her busy schedule takes on her well-being, Lawrence remarked, "I get, like, Lindsay Lohan grade exhaustion, but without any drugs or alcohol. I’m always in bed early, but I’m still tired.”

The next day, Ali Lohan, Lindsay's little sister/former star of the criminally underrated reality TV series "Living Lohan," expressed her disappointment over Lawrence's comments.

"I never breathe life into negativity," the 21-year-old tweeted to her older sister. "But I stand by my family. Disappointed in Jennifer Lawrence..Not cool. @lindsaylohan."

Lindsay clapped back with a quote from Maya Angelou's poem "Still I Rise." We must say, using Angelou to defend yourself in a celebrity feud is like breaking open a bottle of Dom Pérignon at a monster truck rally.

"@aliana thank you sister," she responded in a thinly-veiled tweet. "Maybe who you're referring to should learn to support others like #mayaangelou."

There have been a few other blips on the Lohan-Lawrence feud radar over the past couple years, as JLaw's star has continued to rise while Lohan's been out of the spotlight. In an interview with magazine KODE, which she later denied ever happened, LiLo reportedly insinuated that her rival slept her way to the top. “She’s so fake and I’m sorry I’m not going to fuck for roles,” she told the magazine in 2014.

Lohan also came for Lawrence after she made her now famous Meryl Streep joke ("I beat Meryl!") upon accepting the Golden Globe award for Best Actress, Musical or Comedy. Completely missing the "First Wives Club" reference, Lohan spat out this tweet, shaming the award-winner for disrespecting the legend.

We think there's only one way to put the kibosh on this mean girl behavior. Everyone come together, join hands and listen to the dulcet tones of the songstress of the century, Ali Lohan.

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