02/07/2018 07:37 EST

Lindsey Vonn Deserves Gold For This Twitter Troll Shutdown

"High fives buddy."

Millo Moravski/Agence Zoom via Getty Images
Lindsey Voon took no garbage from a Twitter troll this week.

American Olympic ski champion Lindsey Vonn takes no prisoners on the slopes ― or on Twitter.

On Tuesday, a troll attempted to rile the athlete as she prepares to compete at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, posting this tweet:

There was one big problem with user @sm00_smith’s post.

Vonn has never actually competed on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” She responded in glorious style:

Vonn’s reply went down well with her fans, who used the #ThingsLindseyDidntDo hashtag to lightheartedly suggest other things the skier should be falsely criticized for: