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What Is Mask Mouth And How Can You Combat It?

The symptom can be severely irritating and even lower your immune resistance.

We know wearing a face mask helps prevent the spread of COVID-19, keeping ourselves and our communities safe. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t cause skin or mouth irritations, though.

One such irritation is called “mask mouth,” which, as the video above from Yahoo Life explains, is a symptom “caused by an imbalance of the oral microbiome leading to a host of inflammatory conditions” in the mouth. If your mouth is inflamed, you lower your immune resistance, which makes your body less able to defend itself against viruses, such as COVID-19.

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You’ll know you have mask mouth if your gums are bleeding, your mouth is excessively dry, or if your teeth are stained (although these symptoms can be the result of other issues, so check with your physician first before taking any action).

There are things you can do right now at home to combat mask mouth. Watch the video above for more advice on how to get rid of mask mouth.

And remember, wear a mask when you can’t physically distance from others, wash your hands often, keep two metres away from people not in your bubble, and stay home if you’re feeling ill.

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