Olympic Figure Skater Meagan Duhamel Welcomes A Baby Girl

She was born early, but her parents say she's getting stronger.
Meagan Duhamel and her husband Bruno Marcotte pose with their baby girl.
Meagan Duhamel and her husband Bruno Marcotte pose with their baby girl.

Last year, figure skater Meagan Duhamel and her skating partner Eric Radford won several medals for Canada at the PyeongChang Olympics. Last week, Duhamel and her life partner, husband and coach Bruno Marcotte, celebrated the arrival of a different kind of collaboration: a baby girl.

Their daughter Zoey was born early, Duhamel announced on Twitter on Friday.

“Our little princess came into the world a bit earlier and smaller than intended, but she’ll make up for it in big ways,” Duhamel wrote.

Baby Zoey weighed only 4 lbs, 2 oz. at birth. In the photos both Duhamel and Marcotte posted, Zoey is hooked up to medical equipment.

According to the Mayo Clinic, premature babies are usually monitored for breathing and heart rate, and tests are conducted to make sure their heart and blood are normal and healthy.

Duhamel was about 36 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy is usually estimated to last about 40 weeks.

Duhamel was in good spirits about Zoey’s health on her social media accounts. On Sunday night, she wrote on Twitter that “Zoey is feeling good today as she tries to get bigger and stronger so she can get off the IV at the hospital.”

On Instagram, she posted a photo of the new family, with the caption “here lives a girl with a head full of magical dreams, a heart full of wonder and feet that will rock the world.”

Duhamel announced her pregnancy in April, just before embarking on the Stars on Ice tour. “It is going to be a bit hard to hide this when you live in a figure skating dress,” she wrote on Twitter.

She and her skating partner Radford have retired from competition, but they still skate. Up until last month, when she was eight months pregnant, Duhamel was working as a figure skating coach.

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