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Moms Are Mastering TikTok Dance Challenges And It's Glorious

Even Drake was surprised by how talented a fan's mom was.

Learning TikTok dance routines has become a pandemic past-time for many families cooped up at home. For some parents, it’s hard to keep up with the coordinated moves and many hilarious attempts are needed for the perfect take.

But that’s not the case for some moms, particularly those who used to throw it back with style in their youth. JoJo Davila learned this first-hand when he decided to record a routine with his 48-year-old mother, a former drumline dancer at Morris Brown College.

What ensues is 44 seconds of pure joy, as his mom steals the show with her high-energy moves. It’s clear from how well she sticks to the beat that she hasn’t lost forgotten the choreography from her youth.


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Watch the video above to see how else moms (and even grandmas) are showing their kids a thing or two about rhythm. One dancing queen’s in particular impressed Drake, thanks to how smoothly she pulled off an iconic move.

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