06/10/2019 14:23 EDT

Monster Energy Battles Raptors In Court Over Claw Mark Logo

An out-of-court settlement is the likeliest outcome.

Monster energy drinks are seen for sale at a roadside service station in Reading, U.K.

Whether or not the NBA’s Toronto Raptors take home the league championship after tonight’s basketball game, the team still faces a court battle of a very different kind.

Monster Energy, makers of a well-known sports drink, says the team’s logo of a clawed-up basketball is too similar to theirs., Toronto Raptors/composite
A composite image showing the Monster Energy claw marks and the Toronto Raptors logo.

The drink company has been fighting with the Raptors over the image before the U.S. Patent Office’s trial and appeal board since 2015.

That was almost right after Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which owns the Raptors, registered the new design. 

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Monster has filed similar complaints in Canada and as far afield as Peru.

U.S. patent lawyer Josh Gerben says there is a small chance the Raptors could lose the right to the popular logo.

He says it’s most likely the companies will settle out of court.