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Mother’s Day Gifts That Match Your Mom’s Interests

Show your mom that you know her by giving her a gift that’s tailored to her specific interests.

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You can never go wrong with Old Reliable: Ordering mum a beautiful floral arrangement and a fancy box of chocolates. They’ll arrive at her door and brighten her day, and that will be that. But come on, you know you ought to do better.

This year, eschew the usual in favour of the unique. Show your mom that you know her by giving her a gift that’s tailored to her specific interests. We put together a selection of gifts that will make this Mother’s Day a memorable one (and will certainly outdo whatever your siblings have selected).

We can hear it already: “Oh, what’s that Nancy? Your kid got you a teddy bear? That’s cute. Now let me tell you what my amazing child got me…”

Raptor Mom Necklace

For: Moms who are less Breakfast At Tiffany’s and more Jurassic Park.

Everyone knows “roar” means “I love you” in dinosaur. You can choose between silver, gold, or rose gold, a variety of chain lengths, add up to 5 raptor babies, and write a message or leave it blank. The price for this necklace starts at $41.66.

My Life Story - So Far Journal

For: Writer Moms or moms who have A Story To Tell.

This journal gives prompts for recording life’s experiences, relationships, and hard-won wisdom, helping your mom document her incredible journey. This gift has the potential to become a lasting family keepsake that will be treasured for generations.

Calm The F*** Down Bath Bomb Bag

For: Moms with a sense of humour who could really use a day at the spa.

Choose from 4 soothing scents and add this bath bomb bag to a basket of self-care goodies. It’ll definitely get a chuckle out of her.

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

For: Moms who have more camera bags than purses, and more family albums than books.

Celebrate your mom’s photography work, or your fond memories together, by turning them into this grown-up version of one of childhood’s greatest gadgets.

Personalized Peg Doll Family Portrait

For: Moms who surround themselves with whimsy and colour.

This remarkable family portrait makes the perfect decorative piece for a home full of wonder. You can add up to 10 dolls and they will be painted to look like you and your family. The portraits start at $139.28.

Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder

For: Moms who know that anytime is wine time.

There will be no more crying over spilt wine with this handy wine holder. Your mom can now relax at bath time knowing her pinot is safe. The wine holder also comes with a BPA-free plastic wine glass to ensure the only break mom does get is one from everything else.

Scratch Map Deluxe

For: Moms who have wanderlust.

This beautiful black and gold map will be a proud testament to all the places your mom has gone, and all the adventures she still has left. She can scratch off any locations she’s already been to, revealing the vivid colours underneath. The map comes in 2 sizes priced at $45.08 and $67.61.

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