08/22/2018 12:04 EDT | Updated 08/27/2019 14:41 EDT

11 Multipurpose Beauty Products For Travel

Simplify your beauty routine *and* save space in your makeup bag to boot.

Learning how to pack practically for every kind of trip — whether it’s a Labor Day weekend getaway to one of the world’s best beaches, or a weekend vacation rental that’s not an Airbnb — is a skill that’s perfected through practice.

Just because you’ve found the perfect carry-on bag that attaches to your suitcase doesn’t mean the hard part is over. Making space for all of your thoughtfully purchased beauty products, like your favorite SPF moisturizer and your favorite self tanner, can prove challenging. A carry-on bag only has so much space, which means you often have to make sacrifices about what’s worth taking on your trip and what’s worth leaving behind. 

Fortunately, we live in the golden age of multipurpose beauty products. From scrubs that double as masks, to lip salves that triple as cheek and eye tints, there are hundreds of products out there designed to simplify your beauty routine and save space in your makeup bag to boot. 

Below, we’ve rounded up 11 of our favorite multipurpose beauty products perfect for jetsetters

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