06/18/2019 11:29 EDT

Liberals' National Housing Strategy Might Not Do Much To Help: Budget Officer

The program actually reduces funding for households in core housing need, a report from the PBO notes.

Chris Helgren / Reuters
Houses under construction near the town of Kleinburg, Ont., May 13, 2017.

OTTAWA — The parliamentary budget officer says the Liberals’ housing strategy may not alleviate a housing crunch as the government promises.

The Liberals unveiled the 10-year, $40-billion national housing strategy in late 2017 in partnership with provinces and territories.

A report out this morning from Parliament’s spending watchdog says it is not clear that the strategy will reduce the number of families who live in substandard housing or are struggling to afford the homes they do have.

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Budget officer Yves Giroux’s report notes that the Liberal plan doesn’t wildly boost funding from current levels and slightly reduces funding targeting households whose costs stretch them too thin.

The report suggests that the design of the program may contribute to it falling short of some of its intended effects.

The Liberals hope the strategy improves the housing situation for 530,000 families.