Newmarket, Ont. Is Home To Made-For-TV Christmas Movie Magic

It's an hour away from Toronto (by car, not sleigh ride).

Love them or hate them, the cosy comfort of Christmas movies are undeniable.

Their beloved cliches are in large part thanks to where they take place: a small town, where the cobbled streets are decked in tinsel magic. Throw a stone and you’ll probably hit a pine tree lot, a conveniently placed ice rink, or one of the several small town hunks ready to have a mistletoe moment with the protagonist.

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The Best Family Christmas Movies

If you’re in Ontario and want to to feel like you’re part of the Christmas movie magic, you’re in luck: Newmarket, Ont. is where many major holiday movies are filmed.

To find out what made Newmarket a Christmas movie secret ingredient, HuffPost Canada’s Amanda De Souza sat down with Beth Stevenson, the founder of a film studio that produces many major made-for-TV Christmas flicks.

“I think there’s a cosiness and a quaintness to all the buildings that have either been renovated or restored with such love and care,” Stevenson told HuffPost Canada.

Her company Brain Power Studio has produced movies like “Love By Accident” and “Christmas Catch” for Lifetime, Harlequin, Netflix and other distributors.

Watch to find out how they transform Newmarket’s most charming locations into festive backdrops year-round.

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