06/24/2019 14:18 EDT

Nova Scotia Town Delighted By Mysterious $100 Bill And Note

Who put it there?

A person holds up a note and $100 bill anonymously placed in a park in New Glasgow, N.S. 

NEW GLASGOW, N.S. — An anonymous benefactor who secretly placed a $100 bill and an unabashed message of positivity in a Nova Scotia park has delighted and intrigued the town’s residents.

The bill was taped to a New Glasgow, N.S., gazebo in a Ziploc bag with a note encouraging the finder to spend the money on something that brings them happiness and to remember the good in the world.

It was found by town employee Doug Miller while setting up for a funding announcement over the weekend.

 Geralyn MacDonald, the town’s director of community development, arrived at Carmichael Park shortly after Miller found the money and shared the heartwarming story on Facebook.

MacDonald said the random act of kindness has been the talk of the town, with nearly 1,000 comments and hundreds of shares commenting on the great community.

Sean Fraser, MP for Central Nova, shared the story on his Facebook page noting he was with Miller after he discovered the money, applauding the “terrific gesture, and a terrific guy!”

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