09/14/2017 14:40 EDT

Glossier Calls On Nude 'Body Heroes' To Launch Its New Line

The product description will make you want to get naked, too.

Glossier, the perfectly packaged, millennial pink it-girl skincare and cosmetic brand, is launching a new product that appeals to the 90 percent ― of your body, that is.

Its newest launch, Body Hero, is a body wash and cream duo that, according to the website, is “face-quality skincare for the rest of you.” It “cleans, hydrates and enhances skin all over, with a lite, baby-fresh scent,” according to a release.

Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream, $22 and Body Hero Daily Oil Wash, $18

So, in other words, it’s being marketed as a dream.

And if the campaign images are any indication, it looks like a dream for the skin, too. The brand aptly chose a group of women of all different shapes and sizes as its “body heroes.” They stripped down in all their nude, dewy-skinned glory for the launch. 

They include a creative director named Lara Pia Arrobio

"My weight has fluctuated 30 lbs since i was 13," she wrote on Instagram. "At 30 i finally feel like myself. this was the hardest thing ive ever done - posting this is hard. but these are the things i do for @glossier - the single most disruptive brand with the smartest, coolest team and fucking good product. i would have never said no."
"This is my body," she wrote on Instagram. "I wish I could caption this something ~kewl~ like 'Issa mood' or something confident and clever and on trend but that wouldn't be the honest truth about how nervous I was for this to launch. I have always had a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with this body similar to many other women I know."

Outdoor Voices founder Ty Haney:

"Such a crazy cool shoot for @glossier #bodyhero with a great group of Girls," she wrote on Instagram. "I've always had a sporty body and at times have hated 'being too muscly'. Happy to be at ease with muscle and butt and broad shoulders now. It feels good to feel strong inside and out."
Elesser starred in the landmark Nike ad that finally acknowledged curvy women work out, too. 

And Olympic athlete Swin Cash Canal

"39 weeks pregnant and confidently embraced my 'Body Hero' journey into motherhood," she wrote on Instagram.

Anyone else suddenly in the mood to moisturize? Head to Glossier to shop.