Online Classes Could Bring Up Privacy Issues You Hadn't Considered

Have you thought about the privacy of everyone in your household?

Online schooling has been a source of stress for parents for a lot of reasons: internet connectivity, screen time and lack of focus are just a few. Now add to that the sight of firearms or boozing parents or siblings dashing across the living room in their underwear, and classes have never been quite so ... eye-opening.

Areas of the home that were once private may now be visible to everyone in a child’s class. Some schools have overstepped their bounds by making moral decisions on things they’ve seen out of context, like when a nine-year-old Black boy in Louisiana was suspended and threatened with expulsion for a “violation of weapons in the classroom setting.” (He was in fact putting back an unloaded BB gun that his brother had knocked over.)

And not all parents have adapted to their home being their kid’s classroom. An elementary school teacher in Florida had to remind parents of proper Zoom etiquette due to how many of them she had seen partially naked, or smoking “joints the size of cigars.”

There are also some concerns about the way tech companies are treating people’s privacy, since they haven’t historically always treated it very well, according to Business Insider.

Watch the video above for more on how privacy fits into this new era of online classes. Then put some pants on!

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