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This 4-Year-Old Is The Pandemic Personal Trainer We All Need

"Just keep up the good work—and don't ever stop!"

As if working out on a regular day wasn’t hard enough, the pandemic forced many things to change, including our exercising habits, as gyms closed (they may soon reopen) and social-distancing measures made it harder to work out with other people.

Suddenly, everyone has a new excuse to evade physical activity.

The thing is that physical exercise, with all its magical stress-banishing and mood-ameliorating properties, can be a vital part of getting through this pandemic in one piece, and so it’s critical that we find ways to stay active on our own.

For one mother, this meant starting with being honest about how she was feeling. Like many people, she discovered working out alone just wasn’t her thing, and she told her four-year-old daughter how challenging she was finding it to muster up the energy to do it.

Her daughter’s answer? To become her mother’s personal trainer.

In one video, the 4-year-old girl, whose name is Kynsley, can be seen riding her bicycle alongside her mother, who is filming her while on a run. “You can do it!” Kynsley yells. “Just keep up the good work and don’t ever stop!” In another, Kynsley films her mother working out on a pink yoga mat, encouraging her from the sidelines: “Never give up! Get yourself up and move!”

In each of these videos, Kynsley plays some hybrid between a cheerleader, motivational speaker and personal trainer. She encourages her mother to keep going, to never stop working, to never give up. She’s like the greatest hypewoman you could ask for. She also does her best to boost her mom’s self-esteem. “You’re brave. You’re strong, mommy,” she says, in another video. “I know you can do it!”

Who wouldn’t want to work out to the sound of someone saying things like “I love you, but keep up the good work!” With family like that, who needs a life coach?

Kynsley now has her own Instagram account, presumably run by her mother, where you can find videos of her cheering on her mother, like a proud mentor watching her pupil bloom. Her bio reads “I train my mommy! Mini-fitness trainer,” and proffers the hashtag #GetUpAndMove.

But there’s also this gem in there, of Kynsley singing along to Beyoncé’s love letter to Black girls, “Brown Skin Girl,” a track off the album the singer curated to accompany 2019’s “The Lion King.” (The song, if you recall, inspired the #BrownSkinGirlChallenge, under which Black women celebrated their beauty, often alongside their siblings and/or daughters.)

I’m not sure if there’s a moral to the story here, or any solid takeaway, other than that watching these videos will bring you sheer joy. If you do have kids, though, and if you’ve been struggling to find the energy and motivation required to work out on your own, consider taking a page out of Kynsley’s book. Maybe your kid can be your personal trainer. Maybe you can be theirs. Maybe you can work out together.

Here’s what I do know for sure: with someone cheering you on this lovingly, I imagine there’s very little you wouldn’t be able to conquer.

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