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Parents Paid Their Kids Big Bucks For These Chores In 2020

Moms and dads paid a premium for lawn-mowing.

Staying at home continues to be a reality for many Canadian families, with those under Ontario’s latest state of emergency expected to only venture outdoors for essential activities and those in Quebec living under a curfew. All this time inside makes for more housework ― clutter accumulates when everyone’s home and dirty dishes pile up in sinks a lot faster.

You can teach kids the importance of chores at any age (even toddlers can hold a broom!), with some parents sweetening the deal by opening their wallets. And as a recent survey of U.S. families found, our first year under the COVID-19 pandemic saw kids make extra bank doing one chore in particular: Lawn-mowing was the highest-paying chore, with parents paying on average $9.95 to get their grass cut. Watch the video above to find out what other chores paid off big-time for kids in 2020.

The survey, conducted by kids’ finance app Rooster Money, looked at the allowances of over 90,000 kids and teens. They discovered that although the young money-makers spent most of their earnings on entertainment — Roblox and Fortnite were their top splurges — kids were frugal, for the most part. On average, they put 45 per cent of their chore wages into savings. Along with prior research, this backs the fact that allowances can be helpful for teaching financial literacy.

Besides parents, other family members can boost kids’ allowance income: Rooster Money reported that grandparents were the biggest spenders, paying kids nearly $42 for chores. Something to think about the next time your little one brags about their spick-and-span room to Gran!

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